Working on yourself is never a waste of time
— Merima Ključo

'‘Absolutely unique and stirringly chameleon-like.’

Maja Vasiljević, Rumbo al este, Radio Clasica, RNE

‘Jelena Milušić’s powerful contralto voice, rich in deep resonances, delivered the Judeo-Spanish texts with full sense of drama and well-integrated backing vocals of the instrumentalists. ‘

Francesco Martinelli, New York City Jazz Record

Expressive and bold, Jelena Milušić is a singer who easily transforms her voice to the needs of various genres. Being fluent in different musical idioms ranging from Blues, Jazz, Rock to traditional Balkan and World music, she has performed in a wide variety of musical styles and settings.

With Belgian-French brass orchestra - Orchestre International du Vetex, Jelena performed throughout Europe from 2005 to 2013.

In 2012 she started a collaboration with a group of internationally renowned musicians - this music project named Mafiasko Taxi resulted in an album Human Birds released in 2013 by Via Lactea vzw.


With the Bosnian guitarist and producer Atilla Aksoj, she uniquely interprets Sephardic and Romani music under the name Barimatango. Their album O, Devel, which contains 11 selected compositions of Romani music from the Balkans and Southeast Europe, is released in 2016 by Aquarius Records.

They are currently working on a Sephardic music album, expected to be released in spring 2019.

Her most recent collaboration, with world renowned accordionist Merima Ključo, resulted in their new album Lume, released by Croatia Records (2018). Lume contains 15 love songs from different parts of the world. Versatile Jelena's unique and rare contralto has brilliantly complemented the avant-garde notes of Merima's concert accordion.

Next to her performing career, Jelena is also working as a vocal coach at the Mostar Rock School, helping students to enhance their music knowledge and vocal skills.